Why Turks have difficulty fighting Anti-Turkish propaganda!!

Some of the main reasons we have trouble fighting anti-Turkish material is not because the Turkish government tries to fight it, or Turks try to deny it, let me tell you exactly what happens:

1) The Armenians, Greeks, Russians, Australians, they all have stories about their nation, movies, and input in American culture, BECAUSE many of them have been here for generations. The Italians have the best added culture, restaurants everywhere, people worship their cruel and evil mafia (because of movies like godfather etc where they are humanized), they have amazing clothing lines, actors/actresses, much more--- BECAUSE the Italians were some of the FIRST American immigrants, along with Germans, English, and the Irish.

Think about it like this, when the Irish first came here, many Americans hated them, they thought the same about them as they do about Turks except much much much worse. Some of them were killed for being Irish. They were thought of the same way as Turks are thought of specifically in Germany (poor, workers, slobs, scum).

What changed? Well after generations, some of these Irish immigrants made it rich, these few rich, socialites, and people got in position of power. Some of them became Hollywood directors or producers. This is what changed the image of the Irish.

The Turks are still in the same position as the Irish back in the 1800s and 1900s. We are new, many Americans have never met a Turk, and contrary to popular belief that people know Turks from Armenians, or Greeks, or movies... Many Americans never even seen those movies. My Big Fat Greek Wedding, had anti-Turkish material but only in Greek, so no Americans understood otherwise it would have been claimed to be a racist movie. The only time Turks were made fun of, is by the Simpsons' episode making fun of Turks as Hashish smokers, and belly dancing, and kind of creepy/ugly, but nothing that anti-Turkish, many don't even remember the episode, because it wasn't that funny. Midnight express, is a very old movie ... Midnight Express, very few today have seen, mainly old adult generation (1978 era), it wasn't even that great/popular a film, and many understood it made fun of the Turks, making them out to be horrible monsters (it is completely fiction; even the writer was angry with the director for making the Turks look bad, and the director later apologized for that), and that it was sort of racist (the non-Greek, non-Armenian audience of course).

One important thing to understand is that we are new, we have to wait, we have to raise our children to be very Turkish, and teach them history very well, and get them involved. I would say the Turkish government is better off spending money on Education, and economy of Turkey, than seminars etc. Hate doesn't live forever, educated Americans even the ones that say Armenian genocide is real, would not hate the Turks, simply because they use logic. The importance is, we write ENGLISH and American BOOKS, ARTICLES, COMMENTS, FORUM POSTS, FLYERS, everywhere that the Turks are defamed, and everywhere that the Turks are said to have committed Genocide. Refuting them is the first step. Eventually people will start seeing the two sides to the story. People will understand it is STILL a debate.

Listen up guys, watch An Inconvenient Truth...It is almost the same story as the Armenian genocide issue, but about Global Warming. Al Gore explains that the oil companies make research and then try to portray the atmosphere that there is a DEBATE on global warming --- Of course we all know Global Warming is very real... So the oil companies have a harder time convincing people, than the Turks have convincing people there was no Armenian genocide, simply because all the evidence is on the Turks' side, while all the global warming evidence is on the global warming side. The importance is, it is a debate, the Armenian genocide is a theory of the Armenian people, on the events of 1915 which could rather easily be classified as a revolution gone wrong, or a civil war, or mutual massacres. This Armenian genocide issue IS a debate, and will be for many years to come. The Armenians spend millions of dollars trying to create the atmosphere that there is no debate, and that "Many western scholars agree there was an Armenian genocide" or "Armenian genocide is the most studied event in history" or "Armenian genocide was the first genocide in the 20th century", even though there was a Congo genocide before 1915, and these statements are repeated everywhere the Armenian propaganda machine has infiltrated.

2) The Other reason is, we Turks are very disorganized at the moment. In Turkey, many Turks are educated not to hate, not to worry so much because history has not been bad for the Turks. They believe that everyone or most everyone in the world, already studies the same history the Turks do. They are taught to be proud of their country and its heroism. Turks are then shocked to find outside of Turkey, that there are people that say bad things about Turks, they are surprised, because they are taught to not hate Armenians or Greeks. Turks are even taught history, for decades history teachers would refer to opponents in war as "enemies" not as "Greeks" "Armenians" or others. They simply called them the enemy, so that we would not HATE any certain group or ethnicity. What a precaution, i wonder if any country in the world has ever done this?

When Turks go outside of Turkey, they find people sympathetic to the Armenians, PKK Kurds, Arabs, and Greeks, who all say the Turks wronged them in the past, and have butchered them etc. That the Turks were barbaric etc. Are they basing their ideas out of nothing ?? No... Any conquering army, in any time or place in the world, will always have incidents where it treats the conquered people badly. So the Ottoman Empire may have been unfair to some minorities. But trust me, it was a lot better than what other empires have done. At least the Ottoman Empire gave freedom of religion, and didn't force its language or religion on its conquered people. No one in Greece really knows Turkish or is Muslim, even though they have been under occupation by the Ottomans for 600 years.

But understand, that the Russians, Irish, Italians, and Germans, are all good people, and they all have been disorganized in the past, but since they been here for so long, they have become more organized. As will the Turks. Eventually this Armenian genocide issue will be a thing of the past, people will see right past the propaganda, and understand why the Armenians go to political battlefields to talk about Armenian genocide, instead of historical or international court battles. They will understand why 100s of PBS stations refused to display the argument-debate on the Armenian genocide, after the movie "The Armenian Genocide", because they want to make the atmosphere that there is no debate! Even though the argument-debate panel created by PBS was biased, as the host consistently attacked the Turkish side, and defended the Armenians and gave the Armenian propagandists more time. People didn't even realize that the no-Armenian-genocide side, had 2 historians expert in Ottoman History, while the Armenian-genocide side had 1 fiction writer named Peter Balakian, and 1 Sociologist they called a historian who was once arrested in Turkey for terrorism and communism which he escaped from as a fugitive (So he has motive to attack the Turks in any way).


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