ANCA: Our Sacred Duty to Reclaim Western Armenia (Eastern Turkey)

Part 1 of the speech Dr. Henry Astarjian gives to the Armenian Diaspora and the ANCA (Armenian National Committee of America)
Part 2 of the speech Dr. Henry Astarjian gives to the Armenian Diaspora and the ANCA (Armenian National Committee of America)
Armenian Hatred of Turks, Anti-Turkism
Armenian Hate of Jewish Organizations and Israel
Armenian Criticism of Washington

The speech given by Dr. Henry Dickran Astarjian, was filmed on April 24th, 2008, as part of the Armenian National Committee of America's consistent policy of Anti-Turkism through the spreading of the Armenian Genocide allegations without proof. Let's witness the Armenian Hatred that is being spread across Armenian-American society.As the Armenian youtube poster writes:

An Armenian poster wrote:Henry Astarjian, MD, a prolific writer and author of articles in the Armenian Weekly, neurologist by training, diagnoses and urges the ARMENIAN disapora to remember the TREATY OF SEVRES and seek JUSTICE for the GENOCIDE of ARMENIANS.

Armenian National Committee of America
Dr. Henry Dickran Astarjian, a doctor who practiced medicine in New York State as well as a neurologist in New Hampshire, whose license was later revoked due to professional misconduct, possible sexual harassment in 1998. NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH STATE BOARD FOR PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL CONDUCT He has long been a supporter of the PKK terrorist organization's cause "Kurdistan" a dream of creating a nation for the Kurdish people of the Middle East. He has written articles for the "Kurdish Times" and even addressed the "Kurdistan Parliament in exile in Brussels" according to his fellow nationalists.

In his ANCA hate speech (part of ANCA's Anti-Turkist policy) on April 24th, 2008, Dr. Astarjian talks about the many sacred duties of Armenian generations and their ultimate goal of recognition of the Armenian Genocide and subsequently the demand of reparations and land back from the current Turkish government. See the video below!
Part 1 of the speech Dr. Henry Astarjian gives to the Armenian Diaspora and the ANCA (Armenian National Committee of America)

He starts off with Quote: Mr. Chairman, I would like to pay tribute to the memory of a million and a half Armenian martyrs who perished from 1915 to 1923. By the hands of Turkish and Kurdish civilians, their military, their gandarmerie, and the Hamidiye. I would like to condemn the role of the German governmental crime architects who sold the idea of the genocide to the Young Turks, ittihat ve terakki.

An incredible barrage of blame by this respected Armenian intellectual against a slew of people around the world.

Firstly, I'd like to ask Kurdish and German readers, to re-read the above statement and to understand the accepted beliefs of the Armenians around the world who support Dr. Arstarjian. Their message of hate and twisting of facts to stretch the legal definition of genocide to fit their twisted and contradictory perspective of history. If you want to fight for Kurdistan, that is your belief, but do not think that the Armenians want to help you, they say they do but on the other hand they also blame the Kurds for the genocide, but when you bring expose this, they claim "The Kurds were ordered to commit genocide by the Turks", and now Dr. Astarjian says that the genocide was an idea sold by the Germans.

To think that so many German missionaries in the Ottoman Empire in World War I, helped the Armenians in 1915, when they were being relocated by the Ottoman government and provided them with extra provisions and rations of food. They must be turning in their graves knowing that Armenians today want to blame the Germans and Turks for what happened to the Armenians.

Let's review the mistakes, Dr. Astarjian makes in his introduction about history:

  • "million and a half Armenian martyrs", which claims that 1.5 million Armenians died between 1915 and 1923, and this is simply a factual mistake. Not only because no one has counted how many died since no nation took death toll quantities of Armenians during that time simply because most people including the Turks were dying to starvation, disease, dehydration, exhaustion, and massacres. If we were to count the ones that were killed as "martyrs" or their religious beliefs that would be most likely less than 200,000. Most Western scholars accept that approximately 300,000-800,000 Armenians died in World War I. However, Ottoman demographic experts like Dr. Justin McCarthy say that approximately 600,000 of them died, and most of it was due to starvation and disease, and that it wasn't genocide because the percentages of death amongst Turks and Armenians were pretty much the same.

  • In addition, the relocations of Armenians had ceased in 1917 and the ethnic conflict between local groups in Eastern Anatolia including the Armenians had stopped by 1918. So why do they want to claim it lasted until 1923? So that they can also try and blame the founders of the Turkish Republic who fought for independence and created the Turkish nation in 1923. This way, if anyone asks why they blame the Turks instead of just the Ottomans who collapsed in 1920, they can claim that the founders of Turkey were also a part of it, even though they were not.

  • Dr. Astarjian claims that "Kurdish and Turkish civilians" had committed the genocide. However, a few bad apples participating in ethnic conflict does not mean there was a planned genocide. Think about it, in World War II, in the Holocaust, were German citizens committing the atrocities or was it the Gestapo and Nazi personnel committing the atrocities? Of course it was the army, if civilians are attacking civilians, and Armenians are admitting it, it shows that it was indeed an ethnic or religious conflict rather than a planned genocide.

  • Dr. Astarjian says that 1.5 million Armenians who died from 1915-1923, also died by the hands of the Kurdish "Hamidiye", but the Hamidiye were established in 1890, by the Sultan in response to Armenian complaints to European powers who were pressuring the Sultan to enact reforms for the Armenians without enforcing it. Fearing that the Armenians in Eastern Anatolia were planning to rebel, because of the recent creation of the Hunchaks and Armenian Revolutionary Federation (1890), the Sultan gave Kurdish tribes the title of Hamidiye. So does he claim Armenians died from 1915-1923? Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that Armenians died to Hamidiyes from 1890-1917, in the midst of an Armenian rebellion? Of course not, because then they would be forced to point out the Armenian massacres and rebellions that occurred BEFORE 1915.

  • Dr. Astarjian makes the statement "German governmental crime architects who sold the idea of genocide to the Young Turk government". If they sold the idea, then doesn't that mean the Germans are the perpetrators of this mythical genocide? The AGH team would really want to know the opinions of Germans about this. Armenian historians like Dr. Vahakn Dadrian and the Zorian Institute, who has people like Taner Akcam, and other Armenian-Genocide propagandists, want to blame the German government for thinking of the Armenian Genocide idea. They have been faced with too many challenges and lacking the proof to show that the Young Turks were planners of genocide, so now they want to blame it on the Germans because Western people would be more willing to believe that Germans are responsible for genocide because of the Holocaust.

  • We hope that German and Kurdish readers study the Armenian Genocide Allegations even more, and realize that they are simply World War I propaganda and grudges left-over by a grumpy old generation of Armenians that preach hatred to their children about Turks because of the wars they lost to them.
    Part 2 of the speech Dr. Henry Astarjian gives to the Armenian Diaspora and the ANCA (Armenian National Committee of America)

    This part of the video disproves Western views that the Armenian Genocide Allegations are valid or have some sort of proof. It also shows that the Armenians are preaching world hatred to their sworn enemies, the Turks.

    It should finally be accepted that the Armenian Genocide Allegations are nothing more than propaganda to reinstate the void Sevres Treaty which gives Armenians the large amounts of territory that they never deserved in World War I. It was voided when the Turks won the war of independence and recaptured their homeland. The League of Nations found that Armenians were not a majority in that area, and since they had lost battles there, decided to give the land to Turkey in the Treaty of Lausanne.
    Dr. Henry Astarjian M.D., an Armenian speaker at the Armenian National Committee of America wrote:

    "The inherent sacred duty of this generation and the future generations to reclaim land that is Western Armenia!"

    Dr. Henry Astarjian M.D., an Armenian speaker at the Armenian National Committee of America wrote:I know the Kurdish people, they thought that because we were silent, that we have relinquished our rights to Western Armenia--Like hell we have!
    Dr. Henry Astarjian finally reveals why Armenians have been working so hard to have the Armenian Genocide recognized without any proof.
    Armenian Hatred of Turks, Anti-Turkism
    And if you ever for one second doubted that this is any different than a speech made by the KKK or whether Armenian society preached hatred towards Turks, this would be Dr. Henry Astarjian's answer:
    Quote:Regardless of American non-recognition, we will pursue the issue [of the Armenian Genocide] until the last [Turkish] dog dies
    Dr. Henry Astarjian M.D., an Armenian speaker at the Armenian National Committee of America wrote:I rise to condemn Kemalist Turkey's refusal to confess the crime of the genocide, they are the children and grandchildren of Turkish criminals, who executed this genocide.

    He condemns Kemalist (or ones who support the founding father of the democracy of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The one who abolished religion in the government and brought to the Muslim world, Western ideas and the Western way of life. I wonder why Dr. Astarjian thought it would be good to blame the founding father of Turkey for genocide, perhaps it's because he is appealing to the hatred of Armenians of Turkey and modern Turkey for taking their lands.) Turkey for refusing to recognize the Armenian Genocide, due to lack of proof and evidence. Then he says "they are the children and grandchildren of Turkish criminals," we know that no Jew would ever say that Germans of today are children of Nazis and are supporters of genocide, so why is it at all acceptable for Armenians to blame the Turks of today for being children of genocidal maniacs when the genocide of Armenians was not even proven yet.

    It is further proof, that this issue is about land and money and not about recognition of a historical reality, because the reality is it was an ethnic conflict, where hundreds of thousands of Turks AND Armenians died, and it was the local population killing each other and massacring each other, not the government.

    Armenian Hate of Jewish Organizations and Israel
    Quote:I rise to condemn the hostile, unjust, and unfair feverish habits of American Israel Public Appearance Committee AIPAC in congress to block the passage of the [Armenian] genocide resolution.

    He also condemns George W. Bush, and George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton for not accepting the genocide as well as members of the U.S. State Department. Dr. Astarjian really shows the human minds persistence to blame others for their own problems (problems like not being able to provide proof to make such powerful people believe in a genocide; simply because no proof exists), as a neurologist, one would think Dr. Astarjian would know better about human psychology. He claims that the U.S. government has sold the "moral conscience" of America, by not accepting Armenian viewpoints on history.

    Dr. Henry Astarjian M.D., an Armenian speaker at the Armenian National Committee of America wrote:I condemn the actions of now president of Israel Shimon Peres, who as Prime Minister of Israel who stood on the steps of Cankaya Palace in Ankara with then president, Dr. Suleyman Demirel... to declare there has been no Armenian genocide.

    Dr. Henry Astarjian M.D., an Armenian speaker at the Armenian National Committee of America wrote:And last but not least, I condemn the National Anti-Defamation League ADL's stance articulated by then president Abe Foxman, who preaches no hate, and has founded organizations, adopts projects like "No Place For Hate", NPFH, yet does everything in his power to deny the genocide.

    I wonder if he ever considered the hypocrisy of his speech, the way he preaches hate against Turks and justifies it by claiming that Turks committed genocide, and then he blames Abraham Henry Foxman who made organizations to condemn hatred and who also rejects ideologies of hate like the Armenian Genocide Allegations.

    Abraham Foxman, chairman of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League
    Well what does Abraham Foxman have to say about his position on the issue and his blockage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution in 2007? "I don't think congressional action will help reconcile the issue. The resolution takes a position; it comes to a judgment" said Foxman in a statement issued to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Yes, and Foxman knows well that history should not be judged by politicians, but by judges or historians.

    Furthermore, many Western historians have concluded that the Armenian massacres do not constitute genocide because they were committed by local populations in response to Armenian massacres of Turks and for 93 years no proof of intent or premeditation to exterminate Armenians has come up. Instead mountains of proof showing that the Ottomans cared and wanted to protect the Armenian minority in World War I, has shown up after 93 years since 1915.

    In response to mail spam by Armenians and consistent attacks by Armenians in public and private to either him, his reputation, or the ADL, Mr. Foxman was pressured to make the following statement: "that the consequences of [the Ottoman government's] actions were indeed tantamount to genocide." It definitely angered Turks world-wide as well as historians world-wide who have been trying to get people to understand that you need proof to claim genocide, not just accusation and acceptance. Even still, many Turks respect the ADL's mission of fighting hatred and anti-semitism; however, they simply want to ask Mr. Foxman: "Why do you not stand against this Anti-Turkism hatred of the alleged and unproven Armenian Genocide, why the hypocrisy?"

    Meanwhile, Armenians in Armenia continue to oppress and drive out the Jews and restrict their freedoms. I suppose to Jews that support the Armenian Genocide do not realize that it lacks proof and that Turkey has accepted refugees of Jews in times of hardship. One would learn that Jews who recognize the Armenian Genocide Allegations have simply not read history, or the many Jewish historians who conclude that it wasn't genocide (such as Dr. Stanford Shaw, the famous Dr. Bernard Lewis, Guenter Lewy, and many others). However, most Jews do not recognize the Armenian genocide and know that it is indeed propaganda for land and reparations.

    Armenian Criticism of Washington
    Dr. Henry Astarjian M.D., an Armenian speaker at the Armenian National Committee of America wrote:

    The thick heads of Washington do not understand this: only recently, the Turkish parliament refused our request to use their airspace in the Iraq War, and what did we do to retaliate? Nothing.

    Firstly, what gives him the right to insult the people in Washington and Congress? Is this the Armenians that Congress is trying to please when they bring up resolutions about the Armenian Genocide Allegations? I'd like to ask Congress, to stop eating from the hands of Armenian voters and donors and realize that they are trying to twist history and at the same time blaming them for their problems.

    Secondly, why is it "our request" and "we" when it comes to Turkey doing something wrong to America, but then
    a minute later he says Quote: While the spirits of our martyrs are asking for "justice, justice, justice, and revenge". We feel victimized...The U.S. did nothing in Cambodian Genocide, they did nothing in Rwandan Genocide, and they did nothing in Darfur, why should they do anything for us? So is he Armenian or is he American? Wait, if he was both, why is he now referring to Americans and the United States as "they" and Armenians as "us". Was America made to serve the interests of Armenians? Quote:keeping the major powers from meddling in our internal affairs So now, the great powers such as America are meddling with Armenia's affairs?

    So what should we conclude from this speech? Should we generalize Armenians even though many of them think this way? Of course not, we shouldn't generalize Armenians, there are Armenians that feel there is no genocide, many of them live in Turkey and have seen the archives of the Turks. They wonder why the Armenian archives are closed on the issue! Armenians are a good people, but some of these Armenian ultra-nationalists who have reached success by using the opportunities given to them by America, are now using this success to spread hatred, ethnic superiority, and myths about genocide.

    Does anyone find this speech by Dr. Henry Astarjian, similar at all to some other speeches in history? I find it very similar to some hate speeches during World War II:
    Armenian Hate Speeches

  • Armenian National Committee of America
    Was it this bad, or have
    On May 8th, 2008 alexis says:

    Was it this bad, or have these guys stepped up the hostile rhetoric lately? The anti-Turkish rhetoric in the U.S. and Canada has reached astonishing proportions recently. Since Armenian attempts of Hitler quote has been exposed as fake, they are now coming up with new theories about how Germans have really designed it all along? Because formerly the story was the other way around - how Hitler was supposedly influenced by it. There is no straight story. All lies, imaginations, like below:

    "I would like to condemn the role of the German governmental crime architects who sold the idea of the genocide to the Young Turks, ittihat ve terakki."

    Armenians got it wrong again. He should be condemning the WW1 British Propaganda Machinery along with the French and the Russian forces for recruiting Armenians to rebel against the empire. They can never come to terms with what really caused the Ottoman Armenian Tragedy.


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