The "Evidences" Which Could Not Be Found To Accuse Ottoman Leaders For Alleged Armenian Genocide

Below are two telegraphs between Brits & Americans who wanted to accuse Ottoman leaders for perpetrating "Armenian Genocide". I wonder why they did not use Henry Morgenthau, himself, or his book or blue book to accuse Ottoman officers and leaders for "Armenian Genocide".

On March 31, 1921, Lord Curzon telegraphed to Sir A. Gedes, the British Ambassador in Washington, to continue with the collection of information what he says "purposes of prosecution":

"There are in hands of His Majesty's Government at Malta a number of Turks arrested for alleged complicity in the Armenian massacre...There is considerable difficulty in establishing proofs of guilt...Please ascertain if United States Government are in possession of any evidence that would be of value for purposes of prosecution."

—Lord Curzon
Source: British foreign archive: FO. 371/6500/E. 3552; Curzon to Geddes. Tel. No. 176 of 31.3.1921.“Not Distributed”.

On July 13, 1921, the British Embassy in Washington returned the following reply:

"I have the honour to inform Your Lordship that a member of my staff visited the State Department yesterday, the 12th instant, in regard to the Turks who are at present being detained at Malta with a view to a trial... He was permitted to see a selection of reports from United States Consuls on the subject of the atrocities committed in Armenia during the recent war, the reports judged by the State Department to be the most useful for the purposes of His Majesty's Government being chosen from among several hundreds. I regret to inform Your Lordship that there was nothing therein which could be used as evidence against the Turks who are being detained for trial at Malta. The reports seems.. made mention of only two names of the Turkish officials in question... and in these cases were confined to personal opinions of those officials on the part of the writer, no concrete facts being given which could constitute satisfactory incriminating evidence. I have the honour to add that officials of the Department of State expressed the wish, in the course of conversation, that no information supplied by them in this connection should be employed in the court of law. Having regard to this stipulation and the fact that the reports in the possession of the Department of State do not appear in any case to contain evidence against these Turks which would be useful even for the purpose of corraborating information already in possession of His Majesty's Government, I fear that nothing is to be hoped from addressing any further enquiries to the United States Government in this matter."

Source: British foreign archive: FO 371/6504/E. 8519. R.C. Cragie (British Embassy in Washington) to Lord Curzon, No. 722 of July 13, 1921


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