Prof.Richard G.Hovannisian's Discourse A Success At Fl Atlantic Univ

Apr 7, 2008
Somehow I made it to the Hall, the campus an enormous area
and so many buildings...

it was near packed.This was the 2nd one in the series at the Florida Atlantic University at boca Raton and the 4th in all.He had made presentations at Armenian St.David church one more and yet another at Armenian club of S.FL.

He exposed on screen dozens of photos taken on his 2006 visit to Western Armenia, making sure to show his finds aongst ruined churches and monasteries INSCRIPTIONS IN ARMENIAN that accidentally were still there.

I must say he is quite a "kaghakaged' , politician -while not officially so, but a a renouned historian-THUS, preparing ground for what he then by and by "gercenel" to near one third Turkish audience and non-so.Meaning factually driving home his objective, that the land on which those were built IS ARMENIAN.While also he interviewed andtalked to ONLY two or three Islamized Armenians, half Armenian ahlf Turks and Half Armenian Half Kurd "Mnatsortasts" remenants of our people there.

I had not participated at the First one at the university on 2nd April, but I was informed that the Turks in that PUBLIC LECTURE, had likewise several times interrupted his discourse interjecting with their basesless accusations of the Armenians, who had not been loyal etc., one of them a husky turk got up and uttered in rage his opposition to the subject matter and then went over to the podium handing to Prof. hovannisian his written protest.It was to happen again yesterday too.A large Group sitting together near the back of hall ,now and then contradicted professor Hovannisian trying to stop him. Then a crude give and take ensued between one of these and an Armenian,when a police officer (there were two) led them out.

During the Question and Answer session several local Armenian and one or two non-Armenian Americans posed normal questions to which proper aswers were received,when one Turkish ladysitting in front of me unnecessarily retorted very impolitely "Answer the Question", that to a simple one an odar had posed.The MC-if he can be phrased as so,hardly spoke now and then,except picking from the audience the hands raisesd, giving them chance to query.Anyhow, he noticed mine, near end of discussion and "I gave it to THEM".

I mentioned that I would speak briefly, since had three questions.And began."Dear prof. Hovannisian,your remarks as to Ottoman Turkish authorities imposing on THE DEPORTED (ancestors being evicted,g.p) to DISCLAIM,signing THE DEEDS,would you elaborate on that.

2.I am from Europe and few know that another nation had our fate too.The North African Moors with their Khaliphate(s) ruled SPAIN for 600 years, then ISABEL LA CATOLICA (a princess, later proclaiming herself queen of Spain, g.p) united the princes and drove them out.

By the by, this 2nd one of mine was an indirect CONTESTATION to the Turk at back, since he insisted Armenians rebelled...

Hovannisian had finished his discourse leaving a huge photo on screen depicting himself with Hrant Dink...I carried on... 3."In Los Angeles Hrant Dink( I went on) had stated and it is taped and videoed in simple Armenia words that "Even if they had put them on Golden aircraft and taken them would still be GENOCIDE!!". Then i thanked and sat down

Later, while being served coffee and refresmets many an Armenian young came and shook and kissed me.By the by aother Turk that had gtten up and "preached" with same old turkish "massals such as we eat the same fod , have same customs etc., and sould begin to be like sisters and brothers again". I cae across him and told him -others nearby - that indeed we shall do so when accounts have been settled..

"yes settled' he grinned. A young kid came to me later saying that same man had told them "come and take back ".tis reminiscent of the turkish genera Kenan Evren some 25 years or more ago(published in Paris' Haratch daily)..when Armenian militancy was on, wen he had stated likewise"Armenians want Land? let them come and get it".

In my mind I consoled myself...we shall do that Legally.. through " MAKING GREAT TURKEY ACKNOWLEDGE OFFICIALLY genocide committed upon our ancestors and MAKE THEM MAE RESTITUTION OF LANDS COMPENSATION FOR BLOOD MONEY AS WELL.


Here's the compensation for you dear gay whatever


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