Hrant Dink

Hrant Dink, was a Turkish-Armenian editor, journalist and columnist. He was assassinated by a 17 year old Turkish psychopath. After his death thousands of mourners marched the streets with slogans like "We are all Armenians", "We are all Hrant Dink", because of the possibility that he was killed because he was Armenian or because of his statements.

Since then, the Armenian propagandists and lobbyists have been using Hrant Dink as an argument in pointing out a Turkish conspiracy and trying to make it seem like he was killed because of anti-Armenianism being rampant in Turkey. The truth is, anti-Armenianism is close to non-existence and only the ignorant or uneducated promote hate. In Turkish education, the media, the government, and television, there is absolutely no anti-Armenianism. In fact, there are many well known famous Turkish-Armenians who are adored in Turkish theater and movies.

Almost all Turks are against the labeling of Armenian deaths in 1915 as genocide, because Turkish historians who have close proximity access to Ottoman archives have studied it extensively and found no evidence of the Armenian Genocide, only of Armenian massacres, but it is acknowledged by even the Ottomans at the time that sent telegrams and orders protesting the killings of Armenians. In essence, if Turkish historians found that the Ottoman Empire had indeed planned and perpetrated genocide against the Armenians, they would have no problem announcing this and teaching it. The problem is, after decades of research, no evidence proving the genocide appeared; on the contrary, more evidence that the Ottoman CUP government wasn't as bad as everyone thought was revealed.

The Turkish government is open to new research, and promotes historical research on the Armenian-Ottoman history, just see the following invitation spread all over the world by the Turkish government, targeted at Armenian historians, who are pressured and intimidated by Armenian propagandists not to join this joint-historical research:

Meanwhile, the Armenian government continues to use Foreign aid to promote the recognition of their dis-proven genocide and make friends with dictatorial nations, while starting wars with neighbor Azerbaijan and worsening relations with Turkey.

Armenian citizens around the world, promote this hatred of Turks and make false land claims and reparation demands:

Many people always wonder, why the Armenian nationalists around the world are so happy and joyous on April 24th 1915, the day they claim they mourn. Yet they smile, send hateful messages to Turks and protest the Turkish embassy, like as the Turkish embassy employees working there committed genocide.

They are so happy on their genocide memorial day (April 24th 1915), are they celebrating their national independence or mourning their genocide, few can tell. Halting traffic, waving their Armenian flags, and possibly causing many car accidents seems to be their ultimate goal.

Some Armenians will claim that Turks are pressured by the government to not accept the genocide, but this is quite an absurd assertion. They will use Hrant Dink as an example, or Taner Akcam (A Turkish sociologist who escaped Turkish prison and now seeks revenge against the Turkish government; hence he spreads Armenian propaganda) or Orhan Pamuk (A Turkish writer who told foreign magazines that the Armenian Genocide was true and that many Kurds were killed for no reason; contrary to popular belief, he did this to earn fame and fortune, sell books, and earn a Nobel prize). Many of these people who do this, reach instant fame in the outside world and a high level of infamous in Turkey and other sensible countries; this is why some people are attracted to supporting the Armenian side or the Turkish side, for fame, fortune, or votes.

This argumentation has convinced many that Turks are oppressing or silencing many people, but they fail to explain the motive behind this. The Turkish government has nothing to lose if they were to claim that the Armenian Genocide was true (Since it's enemy predecessor, the Ottoman CUP government of 1915, is blamed for this unproven crime), because even if Armenians claim reparations or land, the Turkish government would simply have to refuse to such demands. The motivation for rejecting the genocide label is simply historical, because all the Turkish historians actively claim that the Armenian Genocide is a misconception because of how little it's studied by the outside world. Since usually, only Turkish historians can read the Ottoman language archives; hence, it has been difficult in convincing many Western authors who seem to only rely on Armenian arguments and circumstantial evidence.

Some Armenians will claim that Turkish nationalism is so powerful, that no one in Turkish society can speak openly about what happened to the Armenians. This is also false, because people in Turkey continually discuss whether or not the Armenian Genocide is true or not. After examining the evidence, many Turks conclude themselves that the genocide is a misconception.

Turkey has many political parties, one of them a religious party (the current administration), another is a Republican party created by the first president of the Turkish republic, and another is the nationalist party (this means that there is a majority of religious people, but not as many people who believe in the nationalist party; which means that a minority of Turks are nationalistic). Compare that with the Armenian political scene, where all parties believe and support the Armenian Genocide thesis and Armenian nationalism.

One of the most intelligent journalists in the globe, even though he believed in the Armenian Genocide, said some important things in his lifetime:

Hrant Dink wrote:
We are two sick nations: Armenians and Turks. Towards one another. The Armenians are suffering an enormous trauma towards the Turks, and the Turks an enormous Paranoia. We are both clinical.

Who will heal us? The decision of the French Senate? The decision of the American Senate? Who will write the prescription? The Armenians are the Turks' doctor, and the Turks are Armenians'. There is no other medicine or doctor. There is no other solution. No and no. I am calling out to the Diaspora. Do not get stuck on 1915. Do not define yourself by 1915. Do not chain yourself to the acceptance of the world of this genocide. "Did we suffer? We suffered, our ancestors suffered terribly. I am from Anatolia. There is a good saying in Anatolia: "To bear the pain with honor and to carry it". Without shouting, without making noise.

I am telling this to world: I am bound by whether you recognize the Armenian Genocide or not. Did the Armenians not kill the Turks? They did. In 1918, with the Russians they had their revenge... Revenge: I damn that word.

I am telling this to the Turks: Ask yourself why the Armenians care so much. Think about this for a while. If you do, you will see and honor in this.

I am telling this to the Armenians: Ask yourself why the Turks say, "No, this was not a genocide", and try and see the honor in that. What is it? [They say]: "As a Turk, I'm against genocide, I'm against racism. Genocide is terrible. How can my ancestors do such a thing because I can't."

... My phone rang. From some village near Sivas, and old man said, "Son. They told me to talk to you, so I found you. An old woman came from France. She stayed here for ten days, and then she died. So we buried her. We prayed, we performed the funeral rights, and we buried her. But we learned that she is one of you. They recommended you, so I called". Here he gave her name and continued, "If she has a husband, a friend, some relatives, a son or a daughter, we'll help them move the funeral elsewhere". I called a friend from Sivas, and told him the name, and he replied, "Look outside your apartment, across the street, you will see a shoemaker". I went and asked them, and she turned and said, "She is my mother". I asked, "Does she come to Turkey", to which she replied, "She does, but she rarely meets us in İstanbul. She usually goes directly to Sivas, her birthplace. She spends fifteen days there, with the villagers, and on her way back, she sometimes visits me, sometimes doesn't". I told her, and naturally she cried. Next day she went to Sivas, and called to tell me, "I arrived. It's true. It's my mother". I asked, "Are you going to bring her", to which she replied, "I was going to bring her but there is an old villager here who said to me...". At this point she began crying. I panicked. "Girl, why are you crying, what's wrong?". The old man took the receiver and I asked him, "What have you done to the girl?" He said, "Son, I did nothing, nothing. I just told her, 'It's your mother, it's your right. You can take her. You can leave. You know best. But if you ask me, leave her. The spring has found its crack. Let it stay'". That sentence destroyed me. I also began crying. What wisdom. What proverb. The spring finds it crack and it flows there."

Excuse me, but who do you

March 30th, 2008 Anonymous says:
Excuse me, but who do you think you are? Where do you go off saying it is the Aremenian goal is to cause car accidents on the day of the march? That is not only ridiculous, it's low. What emotions we show that day is our business, and how we deal with the horrid way our ancestors were slaughtered and massacred in the FIRST GENOCIDE OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY is our right, and it is what we will continue to do. Before you go sayng that it's a hoax, and dedicate your sorry life to fighting against it with your ugly and crued website, how about you get your facts straight? But how should we expect that much when you can't even use propper grammar? We know who we are, where we came from, and what our helpless ancestors went through-there are interviews with survivors to prove it. And it is because of people like you that we come together and demand justice and recognition, which are rightfully ours. No one is FORCING recognition. IF TURKEY HAD A SIDE, THEY WOULD PRESENT IT. But they don't. And if they do, where is it? Of course Turkey is against "labeling" genocide, because then they would be known as the horrific mankind-murderers that they are. IF IT WASN'T A GENOCIDE, WHERE DO YOU SUPPOSE THE LIVES OF OVER 1.5 MILLION ARMENIANS WENT? Perhaps one day they just disappeared? The pictures of the skeletons of the dying Armenian women and children aren't enough? The fact that nearly the whole world, including most U.S. states, have admitted the Genocide occurred and side with us isn't enough? The tears our elders shed just remembering the cruel acts isn't enough? So the next time you want to pick on a race, why don't you check your facts, and not use our own people, like Mr. Dink, against us. The genocide is neither a theory nor a hoax, and was never fabricated. The facts are present. The pictures are present. The survivor intervies are present. GO DO YOUR RESEARCH.

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Who do YOU think you are, "anonymous"?

April 6th, 2008 Anonymous says:
Increase your reading comprehension--- it didn't say it was Armenians' goal to cause car accidents-- it said that they were so happy and in a nationalistic mood that they wave their flags out of their car and possibly cause car accidents because they are making such a scene. In fact, any neutral observer would frown on such awkward actions of celebrating on a day of supposed mourning. As a neutral observer myself, I find it odd that in such a day of supposed genocide and death, that Armenians seem so happy.

It seems more like Armenians are celebrating their independence day or success of their Armenian rebellion rather than genocide. But they call it a genocide day to force sympathy from others.

And why would I care if Armenians mourns/celebrates what happened 92 years ago. It seems counter-productive, raising old nationalistic emotions and talking about past tragedies.

As an American, I don't constantly mourn the thousands, if not millions of American lives that were lost in the Vietnam War, Gulf War, World War II, World War I, Spanish-American War of 1898-- all of which happened between now and around 90 years ago. I bet you, that maybe only half of those Armenians that protest/march/mourn/celebrate April 24th 1915, don't even have anyone who was affected by the event.

If we take the occasional Armenian claim that 6 million Armenians were alive in 1915 when 1.5 million were supposedly killed-- that would mean only a fraction of a fraction of 9 million Armenians world-wide today would know anyone who was affected by 1915 massacres. If we take the ottoman statistical and Armenian patriarch of 1915's claim that there were only 1.4-1.7 million Armenians in 1915, when 1.5 million were killed, then that would not explain how there is 9 million Armenians today, unless Armenians know the secrets to cloning.

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Hey buddy!

April 6th, 2008 Anonymous says:
Hey buddy... "Armenian" isn't a race.

This has got to be the most hilarious sentence on the internet:
Some Armenian wrote:
"But how should we expect that much when you can't even use propper grammar?"

Some Armenian wrote:
and what our helpless ancestors went through

I don't know, it doesn't look to me like they were helpless, considering they led rebellions in many cities throughout the region in the 1900s with strengths of 20,000 or more in each incident.

Quite frankly, they had very powerful armies and backed by Russian soldiers they were plowing through the Turkish resistance.

Some Armenian wrote:

But they do present it, and they even asked Armenia to open it's historical archives just like Turkey did, and even invited Armenian historians to have joint historical commissions to research 1915 more. These offers were refused, and so far, Armenians resort to Politicians, Books, and the Media to present their views, and always avoid Debates/Discussions/Courts/Historical Commissions.

Some Armenian wrote:
because then they would be known as the horrific mankind-murderers that they are

Seems more like you hate Turks. And "mankind-murderers" hmm, interesting insult.

Some Armenian wrote:

Do you even know what genocide means? It means there was a premeditated intent to destroy an ethnicity, race, or religion. It doesn't mean killings/massacres/death tolls. If that was so, we could tally up the number of people killed by British soldiers throughout human history and claim they committed the largest genocide in the planet.

Not to mention the fact that there was barely 1.5 million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, so that number is extremely bloated. Western Historians put the number at around 600,000 (even some Armenians). And not all of them were killed by humans. Most of them were killed by disease, hunger, exhaustion, dehydration, and lack of medical supplies during their travels (since it was World War I). A lot of times Armenians were simply robbed and killed by Kurdish bandits in the rural and lonely region while they were being relocated.

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An Armenian wrote:The facts

April 6th, 2008 Anonymous says:
An Armenian wrote:
The facts are present. The pictures are present. The survivor intervies are present. GO DO YOUR RESEARCH.

The facts support that Armenians died in large numbers. Sometimes as a result of massacres by Kurds and other local Muslims. However it wasn't planned by the government. In fact, the government issued orders to stop the killings, and sometimes executed people who committed crimes against the Armenian minority.

If the government of Young Turks (Ottomans) wanted to annihilate the Armenians, why would the facts contradict this?

Pictures prove killings and death, and there are just as many pictures of Turks killed by Armenian rebels or mobs. Does that mean those pictures prove there was a Turkish genocide? Pictures don't prove genocide, only killings.

Survivor interviews? Are you insane? There are so many Turkish survivors who are over 100 years old being interviewed, sometimes interviewed decades ago, who witnessed Armenian massacres of innocent Turkish villagers.

Please, before you use faulty logic to support your baseless accusations of genocide, DO NOT reach a conclusion before you do the research. Reach a conclusion AFTER you do the research.

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This is what you get if you look at half of the facts

April 7th, 2008 Krikor says:
I am beginning to understand what sort of misinformation the Armenians of US are fed. They believe that the facts are there, the interviews are there and the pictures are there. The problem is that they never get to see the other pictures, other interviews and the other facts.

There is a reason why historians refer to the event as "Armenian Rebellion." The Armenian insurgents (Hnchak and Dashnak) had been smuggling guns into Anatolia for at least 30 years before 1915. This is something you find not in the Ottoman sources, but in the Armenian sources, such as Nazarbekian and Pastirmajian. By 1915, not only had they smuggled sufficient number of guns to organize to each and every household. Nazarbekian boast about how they were able to hold and control Van for a long time. Apparently, he had different opinions about what happened in Van than his grandchildren.

For every heart-breaking picture of starving Armenian, there is a picture of a starving Turk. For every British account of Armenians being massacred, there is a British account of Turks being massacred. The latter are simply ignored and pleasantly drifted away for the Armenian diaspora. As Hrant Dink once said in an interview, one of the Armenian Diaspora leaders (I don't remember the name) had told him that they chose not to remark about the 500 000 Armenians in Anatolia after 1918 because it did not reflect their point of view.

Nazarbekian writes about how they (Dashnaktsutyun) spread terror among Armenian peasants through false attacks to aid the CUP revolution. The sort of disinformation we receive today is the kind of propaganda that eventually led Armenians and Turks into honestly believing that they had to massacre each other to survive.

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I agree Krikor.

April 8th, 2008 Anonymous says:
Yes, I totally agree. It's like as if Armenians are just given a single book in their lifetime, but have never read critical reviews about this book and have never read any other books about the same issue. They are use to a single Point Of View, a single perspective that summarizes the events and that's what they memorize and repeat. It's not because they are all brainwashed but because it is so easy for them to accept it and because very few people have been able to object to this "version" of history, when the truth is lying there in the Armenian sources, locked away by the Armenian government.

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First genocide of the

April 17th, 2008 alexis says:
First genocide of the twentieth century does NOT involve Armenians, but Africans, specifically Congo Free State. King Leopold II of Belgium ethnically cleansed somewhere between 8 million to 30 million Congolese since Belgium owned the land as a private property and wanted it to be “cleared” of inhabitants.

Now for some reason this horrifying fact of history doesn't get "advertised" in the media like the "Armenian Genocide". Is it because the perpetrators happen to be white Christian Europeans and the victims happen to be Africans? Makes it a lot more difficult to swallow that the true "First Genocide of the Century" was a crime committed by the so-called "Western Civilization", not by Turks. It shatters all the stereotyping that gets imposed on people.

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May 2nd, 2008 Anonymous says:
Turks from all over need to come together and globally protest these allegations in front of the American Consulate.Yes, the American.Why? Because in 07, the genocide Resolution passed the House of Representatives,and instead of 'our ally' endorsing the proposal made by Erdogan to Armenia to go for a joint historical commission, Pelosi and Schiff and every other Politician that's been well fed by the Armenian lobbies, decided to play Historians and condemn Turkey.The only reason why this Resolution did not go to a full Senate vote is the fact that the U.S still needs Turkey for the Incirlik air base.Once the war is over, so is the Turkish-U.S relations. Armenians have protested,very loudly, all over the world for decades ,demanding recognition to THEIR fantasy genocide,while Turks stood by and watched 20 something countries pass their guilty verdict against us. Israel, another ally, is also 'evaluating' and studying the if they've not already made up their minds. How long will Turkey stand still, with an occassional 'we didn't do it'.. or plan proposals that we know Armenia will not participate in without any kind of pressure from 'our so-called allies'? It is up to the Turkish population in every country to take a stand and demand justice for our ancestors massacres and denounce the countries that have unfairly judged and found us guilty without a determination from the higher courts! We have the right to be heard and be seen NOW, not after the next country condemns us!

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Importance of American Politics

May 4th, 2008 Jonathansays:
I do not think it's right to blame America or Americans in general for the actions of a few nut-cases like Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, who are just doing what they do best: Corrupt political strategies to collect votes and donations. Americans are a smart people with great logical thinking and critical analysis, many great Americans have supported the Turkish side on the Armenian-Turkish massacres during the 1800s and 1900s, because they themselves can see the logical fallacy and the cheap intellectually dishonest debating tactics of the Armenian propagandists.

Armenian propaganda seems to use arguments that are a Fallacy of the Consequent. Which means the following logical fallacy in argument:

If P, then Q.
Therefore, P.

For Armenian propaganda they use:
If Genocide occurs, then people die.
Armenians died.
Therefore, Genocide must have occurred.

It is important to realize that some Americans as well as other Westerners can be at first deceived by such propaganda if they simply assume that others are telling the truth. Then the Armenian lobbies and propagandists use organizations with credible names rather than credible backgrounds to support their arguments.

So please do not blame America or the West for what they think about the Armenians. Opinions change, and so does research. New research can find a new genocide by let's say some country very unlikely to commit such an act like Madagascar, that no one had considered before, so anything is possible. Time is a factor, and historians always change their mind based on evidence. Since the evidence supports that the Ottomans did not commit genocide, I believe eventually more and more historians will support the Ottoman side, until eventually no one can even make the claim that there was an Armenian Genocide they can only make the realistic claim that there were Armenian massacres.

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Stop The Hate

May 6th, 2008 Anonymous says:
We grow up with all our Armenian friends. We go to school, laugh, love, work and die side by side. Never have I been once told by my parents at home or my teachers at school that they were not one of us or that we were to hate them. In Turkey whether we are Armenian or Turk we all gather under one flag. Sure a lot of Armenians died in 1915 but remember that a lot of Turks died as well. That is called war and I agree that people and nations do terrible things during wars but you can't call this genocide. Why do you think we are not screaming in the streets? It is because we are confident that no genocide has occurred. Our fathers have done nothing that yours haven't.

Look at the postings above. What is this about grammar and ugly webpage? To have good debates you don't need perfect English or a pretty webpage. Why so much hate?

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Thank you for your

May 6th, 2008 Jonathansays:
Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful information. Sometimes Westerners are unaware of how people are in Turkey or their education system, and then automatically assume that when Armenian propagandists say strange and untrue things like "You cannot voice your opinion in Turkey that is why Turks cannot speak out for the genocide," they obviously have never been there. There are many Turks who speak out for all sorts of genocide, and even some that speak out for the Armenian Genocide, and no one harms them, they are simply debated.

Since many Turkish historians have direct access to Turkish-Ottoman archives, access to Anatolia, including mass graves of Turks, access to eye witnesses of Armenian and Turkish descent who are over 100 years old and have memories of the events; it is unquestionable that Turks do have the greatest advantage on cutting edge research and documentation on questions of genocide and violence in Eastern Anatolia during 1915, before, and after. With so many books by Turkish historians in Turkish, it is not a surprise to see that only a small number of Turks believe in the Armenian Genocide allegations.

The person who made a comment about grammar, even spelled the word "proper" wrong, so indeed it was an ad hominem attack against our website to attack it's credibility and to make people question our authentic research, simply because it does not fit their ideology of Anti-Turkism and hate.


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