Armenian Genocide Discussions Always Amazes me!

It always seems to amaze me, every time an Armenian in a debate is faced with cold hard facts, they change the subject or simply dismiss the facts as automatic-lies even when sources are provided (which then they say the sources are a lie). To these propagandists who spread campaigns of hate, convincing them is like trying to convince a wall to dance.

I just don't understand how they can trust all this nonsense. They have no proof they can present me with yet they still always have an answer.

I just thought I'd write here the thing thats constantly happening; I go into a discussion group, at first they are plainly expecting a "radical Turkish nationalist". But they're soon proved wrong as I start presenting them with all types of evidence and with a variety of questions which they can't answer. Soon there frustrated beyond words and either ban me or delete my comments.

Anyway, I'll get to the point. Yesterday I joined a group on facebook called:"Genocide Awareness". For some reason the admin is against me, like the rest of the group. Yet he's not even Armenian. All these people started shunning me from the beggining but I didn't want to start a fight. So I carried on talking about how the genocide is not logical in any way and that in fact Ottoman Muslims were massacred.

This guy has made a "neutral group" but on the other hand he's made the decision the whole world still can't decide on about the "Armenian Genocide". He shows the event together with Rwanda, Darfur and the Holocaust!

Well in spite of all the prejudices I start telling them about this guy who had banned me from his group(the same guy is an officer in this group) a few days before and he assures me nothing like that will happen. All of a sudden today he changes his mind and decides deniers of the genocide will be banned from the group.
I mean... what kind of neutral group is that supposed to be!? Well anyway I just thought I'd let everyone know so we can maybe find a way around these things with the experiences people have.

I have noticed that when my friends and i start to argue about the Armenian arguments, they can not answer many questions... For instance,after letting to write use,they do not let us stay there in many internet forums, i mean they do not want us to have freedom of speech. They only try to influence other people to make them believe in so-called genoside. They are pretending that they are a pitiful nation killed in history by Turks, just to look "pitiful" to people by which they can influnce them. I would also like to talk about the authors believed in genoside.

Almost all of them are Armenian. But i have seen some books written by Armenian authors defended Ottoman Empire and brotherhood of the people, they refuse a genoside against Armenians and try to show who guilty are ( Russia, France and other imperialist states that gave supports to Armenians for rebellion ). There are many western historian refused the genoside arguments. I am not that i do not understand Armenians on supporting their genoside arguments. Because they all read these Armenian authors and historians. It is really pitty that we must say they are brainwashed but yes,they are. There is chances to research what happened in the Anatolia and the Caucasia in 1900s. They were used by imperialist states, they killed more than one million poeple. If Ottoman Empire wanted to kill every single Armenian, it could succeed to do that! But it did not but protected,covered all the people lived in the region. To be honest, it was the best option in that time. Ottoman prefered to take them to another place. Anyway..

Now, they must be fearing. Because if states have a common history committee and research what reality is, they are going to see what happened. Of course some Armenians died in the era but it was not a genoside. The genoside is what they did by believing Serv Agreement, they killed many poeple... This is their shame..

What I usually find, is that they get angry easily, but even the ones that don't get angry, simply respond negatively. If you argue with them, they will do one of the following:

1) Change the subject, by accusing the Ottoman Empire of other events.
2) Attacking the subject by calling him/her a "Denier" or a "payed employee by the government".
3) Concluding that all your evidence are "Lies" and that you are a "Liar".
4) Curses and derogatory terms.
5) Asking the question of "How can my grandmother/grandfather be wrong, he witnessed it?!", automatically assuming that somehow testimonies regardless of their truthness/exaggeration/falseness do not prove or disprove genocides, especially since both sides have thousands of witnesses of the events, and it only proves that there were mutual massacres, but no scope to predict whether its genocide or not.

The way to combat them, is to show people that these guys are the perpetrators of propaganda, and that we are not deniers, but simply researchers who establish that the events of 1887-1918 are of the Armenian Rebellion and should not be treated as the events of 1915-1923 as the "Armenian genocide", because it is completely a false portrayal of the events of those times.

To deny would be to deny the Armenians that died, because "Armenians died" is a fact. We are not denying that, we are denying the Armenian genocide theory, simply because this theory is not the right term to be applied to an Armenian rebellion which caused the deaths of many Ottomans and Armenians.

You cannot simplify such a large event into one word like the "Armenian genocide".

I read An English author's article. It says that why Armenian Diaspora continues lobby activation on so-called genocide is to aim to make people and governments forget Karabakh occupation. It means they are trying to have Azerbaijan's terrirory by using their genocide arguments. It is important not to forget that %20 of Azerbaijan territories was occupied by Armenian force.

Yeah, I mean the UN can easily declare the karabakh region a genocide by the Armenian Armed Forces, simply because it was the governments decision to massacre and exterminate all Azerbaijanis from the Karabakh area, in other words it fits the definition of genocide and has a motive, while the Armenian genocide theory still has no motive, no evidence, and a couple forgeries. It's very hilarious how ironic the world is, where real genocides are forgotten and fake genocides are promoted just because the victims of the fake genocide might be Christian and the victims of the real genocide are Muslim.


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