Why I Hate Turks -- By an Armenian propagandist

This story appeared in Reader's digest, and it uses propaganda techniques and dramatization to an extreme level to emotionally strain a person into being on the side of Armenians. I read the whole thing, and at first I was hoping it would be an honest Armenian story, but apparently the writer turned into a propaganda masterpiece.

Even at the end he continues to say "I still hate the Turks", what a shameless man this guy is. You know where he was most honest? When he said "Turkish and Kurdish mauraders", the reality of the research is that many Turks didn't even live in those areas, many bandits there were Kurds, because they were all over the place there in the 1900s.

The best part and enjoyment that I received when reading this story was the few parts where inconsistencies and lies start showing their true selves once a person applies logic and a bit of detective work.

Let's see who can find these inconsistencies and spot the lies (I'll tell you about the ones I found later):


Message these people to tell them to stop this stupid propaganda.
Toronto School Board trustees:
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Canadian Schools teaching propaganda by pork barreling the Armenian genocide theory with REAL genocides

Should I also write an article analyzing the whole Readers digest article or at least the related Toronto article?

To: lettertoed@thestar.ca

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