Despicables' Work in Progress

While you were sleeping, these were the happenings:

1)No To "Turkey Welcomes You" Ad in Yahoo
2)Open Letter To Greek PM
3)Make properly define "Genocide" entry!

"Turkey Welcomes You" Advertising Upsets Kara Picogluyan
Kara Picogluyan, Jun 28, 2008
I've been seeing this travel ad for the past couple of days when checking my mail. Does anyone know how Yahoo can be contacted about the ads it runs? I think we should all try to pressure Yahoo from running ads from genocidal occupiers cashing in on the stolen land and properties of their victims.

Laurel Gurbetciyan, Jun 29, 2008
Why Kara Picogluyan
They have the right to advertise just like Armenia's Travel commission does. We must not think that only Armenians have the right to advertising their travel industry do we? Just like we shouldn't think that some Armenian Validictorian that never broke the law should be allowed to stay in this country over some illegal that broke the law.

You can't have it both ways, if Armenia advertises then Turkey should be able to without any restrictions, fair is fair.

Kara Picogluyan, Jun 29, 2008
No, they don't have the right to advertise with stolen Armenian property. Pray tell, what does the law-breaking valedictorian have to do with the genocidal and illegal so-called "country" that was built on the mangled bodies of Armenians advertising on Yahoo?

2) Open Letter To Greek PM by Eleni Matheou
Hellenic News of America, June 26 2008, PA

Dear Prime Minister,

We the undersigned: Hellenes of Diaspora, Hellenes of Greece, Armenians, Assyrians and other descendants of the historical peoples of Asia Minor; and, Philhellenes from many nations, are writing to express our shock and outrage that your Administration is seeking, in an arbitrary action of doubtful legality, to delete the word "Genocide" as a response to annoyance expressed by Turkish regime officials.

Three years ago, Law 2645 passed unanimously by the Parliament and subsequently ruled constitutional by the Council of State, calls for the recognition of September 14 as a day of Remembrance of the Genocide of Hellenism in Asia Minor.

Respectfully we urge you, NOT to remove the word "Genocide" in trying to respond to demands by the authoritarian Kemalist regime presently ruling the Turkish people.

Make properly define "Genocide" entry!

Hi all,

I use all the time and love it. However I was disappointed when I checked the word "Genocide" and found no reference to the Armenian Genocide but references to the Holocaust and Rwanda as examples. That's unbelievable: Armenian Genocide word is not listed in

I proceeded to write the following letter and call on all of you to do the same. Feel free to copy my letter (or write your own as mine is very basic) and fill in your name, submit it to the panel that reviews incorrect entries. Lets make them properly define the word Genocide the way the words creator intended it.

My Letter:

"Dear Staff,

Your definition of the word Genocide cites the examples of the Holocaust and Rwandan Genocide which are correct, but the word, created by the Polish Jew Raphael Lemkin was created with the Armenian Genocide as it's prime example (which your entry fails to mention). Below you will find a link to a video in which you can watch Lemkin himself speaking at the League of Nations about the word he invented and saying that the word "Genocide" happened to the Armenians.

Of course, (not that they needed to) the International Association of Genocide Scholars have also reaffirmed that what happened to the Armenians was Genocide, here is a link to their report:

Please update your dictionary entry to reflect the word Genocide's full meaning and examples.

Thank you.

[***Insert your name here***]

Now you could go back to sleep again. It's safer that way!


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