Are There Ulterior Motives For Promoting Or Denying The Armenian Genocide?

Yes, the question of motive has been difficult to determine for many researchers. It must be noted that there is much to gain from promoting the recognition of the Armenian Genocide as well as denying the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

The ulterior motives for those who promote the Armenian Genocide and its recognition are as follows:

Establishing the Armenian Genocide as legally genocide would enable international courts and organizations to pressure the current Turkish government to hand over reparations to what they established as sufferers of genocide.
They would be able to demand land internationally from Turkey and possibly use international legal authorities to pursue that demand.

They create a sense of unity and nationalistic solidarity amongst Armenian nationals who feel that they have been unfairly victimized in World War I.

The sociological effect of a "common enemy" and "common cause" against the Turkish government makes Armenian politicians less accountable for their failures at home since they focus their attention to problems abroad.
It would help rid the Armenian people or other responsible parties of the guilt they feel for the massacres of Turks, Kurds, and other ethnic groups during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Admitting fault is very difficult for nationalists.

Disbelief that the deaths Armenians had could be the result of the Dashnaks they have had to depend on for their independence.

Disbelief that their own people (whom they see as good Christians) could be responsible for atrocities.

The ulterior motives for those who deny the Armenian Genocide and its recognition are as follows:

Being condemned for genocide seems to contradict to the way they grew up in the society of their people.

Disbelief in such horrible atrocities near the end of the historically peaceful Ottoman Empire.

Disbelief that Turks, Kurds and other Muslims could have perpetrated the same attacks as the Dashnaks and Hunchaks.

The ulterior motives do not mean necessarily that one side is wrong and the other is right. The Armenians suffered great tragedies and so did the Turks and Kurds near the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Determining whether there was also state involvement is difficult and may simply not be true.


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