Armenia Agreed All Legal Claims Not Filed 85 Years Ago are Forfeit

Legal Claims

It seems the statute of limitations for claims by individuals ran out over 85 years ago. Probably another reason why we see no court filings from genocide proponents.

Articles 6-8 of the Treaty of Gumru (Alexandropol) between the Republic of Turkey and Armenia signed December 2, 1921, are below.

6. The two parties permit the return of refugees to their hearths across the old boundaries with the exception of those who, during the general war, went to the enemy’s army and took arms, and those who crossed occupied territories and participated in massacres, and mutually assure the privileges of minorities obtained in the most-civilized countries to those who repatriate themselves.

7. Those of the refugees mentioned in Article 6 who do not return to their hearths within the limit of one year after the ratification of this treaty, besides not being able to benefit from the generosity of the said article, their legal claims also will not be heard.

8. Despite the great expenses which the Grand Assembly of Turkey incurred for its army during two years because of the urgency of the war it had to wage against Armenia, it renounces its right to demand lawful damages, and in the same manner the two parties forego their rights to ask for damages because of the changes which took place as a result of the general war.


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