The reason why there isn't a business named Turkish in California ?

Most of the Turkish businesses in California is not willing to name they're establishments in Turkish due to the fact Armenian threat, in the past the Armenian attack and dead threats are the biggest reason.

When I see so many nationalists with Armenian flags coming out every single window in East Hollywood and LA, it makes me flinch if someone would suggest carrying a Turkish flag in LA on April 24th... I wonder what would happen tho

I think it's simply unprofitable for business to carry anything Turkish in LA/Hollywood. But brave nonetheless.

Some of these Armenians have been told so many horror stories in their lifetime, that any hint at Turkishness, could ignite dreadful violence... Not to blame Armenians, because if I were fed with hate stories about Armenians, I'd probably react the same. Luckily Turkish culture hates preaching hate.


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