"A good Turk is a DEAD Turk"

people there is no point trying to have a peace group between turks and armenians...Us armenians want our genocide recognised and turks don't ant to recognise it. what is the point of trying to talk to turks if all they do say it's false, or drop these genocide allegations and we will be friends with armenia. There is a reason Armenians hate Turks, their government tried to annihilate us and now modern day Turks don't want to listen or they try to block our quest to tell the truth to the world about what really happened 90 years ago. So fuck them, they deserve to be treated like animals. A good Turk is a dead Turk
*I love his honesty, really! Most rather keep a hidden agenda.

ANOTHER article by Sargsian in the WSJ begs Turkey and lets it off by Badanajian, Jul 9, 2008
We Are Ready to Talk to Turkey, By Serzh Sargsyan, From Today's Wall Street Journal Europe
* Shame on Sargsian to dissappoint Badanajian. He would have loved to hear Sargsian says "Down with Turks"

Naive "Armenian" professor does everything he can to help Turkey by Badanajian, July 10 2008
Turkish-Armenian professor arranges international conference in Kayseri
Hamparsum Bozdogan, a Turkish-Armenian doyen in the science of statistics, has arranged an international conference in Kayseri as a way of showing his gratitude to the city he left when he was 8 years old. What follows is his extraordinary life.
* Hmm: That wouldn't be "naive" if the prof was promoting the fictious genocide, right? How dare he could do that, when are we starting a campaign against this so called armenian?

Today's Vocabulary: Simit/Bulghur by Semerciyan
Hence the Armenianized western shock stock term designed to shut the mouth and paralyze all critics of the anti-Armenian criminal “realpolitik”!
MAD-Len uses that a lot. She says “Anti-Simit”
Bulghur: Crushed wheat.
Simit: Crushed wheat, almost flour, but much larger particles, yet smaller than Bulghur.
* wow, that is a realpolitik

Charles Aznavour appointed to Order of Canada
* See how proud and great nation we are, even a canada gives us a star

20minutes.fr Ter-Petrossian had a meeting with the turkish "Furher" : Alparslan Turkes At this moment these are . .
* is this a mudslinging campaign against Ter-Petrossian? I wonder

Obama may pick genocide denier as VP
Read about it See what a hyprocrite Gephardt is lobbying for...
* Shit, this would be really bad, wouldn't it? Shaking me in my pants, right now!

Armenian Church robbed in Ramla, Israel
* Must be genocidal, let's fight against Israelis. oops, we cannot do that, we are only a tiny newly started country!

Armenian Genocide International Recognition Will Ensure Security And Future Of Armenian Nation
* Financial security of diasporans, that is.

Azeri Falsifiers....Nothing New Here.. Azeris Use Kosovo Photos To Depict Alleged Khojaly Atrocities
* Poor armenians, Somebody should tell Azeris that photo falsification patented and owned by armenians

my notes from my favourite yahoo and facebook groups, in case you missed


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