How Many Armenians Does It Take To Win A Nobel Prize?

How Many Armenians Does It Take To Win A Nobel Prize?
3 000 000 In Armenia
8 000 000 As Diasspora
1 Turk

How can an Armenian go pilgrimage?
-Through Turkish Customs

How can an Armenian find a job?
-Through Turkish Customs

Other Jokes:

What do you call an Armenian with Honour?
-A miracle

Whats the word for "National Hero" in Armenian?

What is a caravan owned by ASALA called?

What Are The Qualifictions Required To Join The Armenian Army?
15 Points and Fluent Russian

15 points on what?
Any IQ test

What Is An Armenian Without A Broom In Turkey?

What's The Crew List To Create A Good Genocide Story?
1 Armenian Punk To Betray The Country
1 Turkish Soldier To Fart On His Face
300 Western Journalist To Watch
1 Of Them Overreacting


Joe said...

I'm not even kidding, this is possibly the stupidest and least funny collection of jokes in history.

GenocideCraze said...

Let me get this right:

are you f****ng joke historian or a history joker?

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