Diaspora Dreamer: We also want these . . , when we achieve recognition of our genocide,

When we achieve recognition of our genocide -which entails reparations indeed - whether restitution of usurped land, compensation for repair of properties whether private or ex -communal such as churches shcools etc.,plus of course b l o o d money , which only to mention, nobody else does...(But that is what nazi germany's succeeding germany paid and pays to jewery....

Then as one commented great Turkey's position -as always -would be to declare...

Come and see our treasuries coffers are empty we are in deficit..Etc.,

Then we ventured, since huge amounts of oil-pipeline transit duties are paid by anglo oil companies. Once latter acknowledge genocide recognition Armenians can then press fwd that instead of paying 1.6 billion dollars annually to Turkish Govt. A certain amount,rather percentage of it ought to go to the Armenian survivors families.

Then the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU, be paid as compensation monies, which will then pay to the survivors...

Whether in RA or anywhere else..

Especially the oil companies did very bad in paying Armenia with the pipeline...
That would be the Solution.

Hamahaigagani Siro,

Gaytzag Palavraciyan


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