Why PBS Never Air Pro-Turkish Documentaries To Be Fair?

it is about PBS Airs a Documentary Promoting Armenian Genocide "A Family Erased"

"A Family Erased" is a documentary by Armenian director George Kachadorian, depicts the journey his father and two sisters take to Eastern Turkey to find the lost homes their family had migrated from in early 1900s. The documentary has the theme of the Armenian Genocide acknowledging it and promoting it's awareness through this personal anecdote.

It is true that during 1915 and before many Armenians had migrated from Turkey, some to Erivan province where the Armenian Revolutionary Federation was powerful and recruiting soldiers for their rally against the Central Powers as they awaited aid from the Allied powers.

The story of 1915 is a fascinating one, because it is about a people who were hijacked much like the extremists hijacking Islam today; the Armenian people were hijacked by the various rebel groups, much like gangs in a city and those who opposed these gangs were murdered or tortured. The Armenian church was taken over as teaching centers for revolution rather than religion as atheist/agnostic Armenian Revolutionary Federation members began to smuggle thousands of weapons across from the Iranian and Russian borders to prepare for rebellion against the Ottoman Empire.

The rebellion did not begin because of World War I, the rebellion had begun back in the 1890s when European powers began to request that the Ottoman Empire grant more rights to the Armenian people living in the Ottoman Empire. Though the Armenian people lived well, some of them even becoming governors of Ottoman provinces, they had a few less rights because the Ottoman Empire was an Islamic Empire but tolerated all Christian minorities.

The fighting in Eastern Anatolia as well had been there since the dawn of time, even before the Ottomans as Kurdish, Armenian, Byzantine, and later Turkish forces often clashed in the vast open mountains of Eastern Anatolia.

When the rebellion got completely out of control, causing serious damage to the Ottoman war effort in World War I, the Ottoman leadership in 1915, a few months after the rebellion in Van city (where the Armenians captured an Ottoman city for the Allied Russians), decided that it was time to take emergency action to cease the rebellion. They decided to relocate Armenians only in Eastern Anatolia of suspected rebellion hotspots to the Syrian Ottoman territory. Nonetheless, the forced migration took a death toll on the Armenian population, as money was scarce in the Ottoman Empire, food shortages, the spread of violent diseases -- so much so that the Ottoman army itself went into battle starving and diseased.

Though many Armenians died, some of them leaving behind their homes and property, there was a very high survival rate. The reason Armenians claim genocide today is because once they reached Syria, many of them took Allied warships to France, Russia, the United States, and Britain. Some crossed the border to Iran and Russia disappearing from Eastern Anatolia.

And since the Turkish archives were closed up until 1990s, scholars merely assumed that the Ottoman Empire had exterminated the Armenian people. However now, these same scholars having the ability to research the Ottoman Archives and being able to visit mass graves of Turkish and Armenian villages, have now decided to not accept the Armenian Genocide thesis as it once stood.

Many world renowned scholars, such as Dr. Bernard Lewis (who once believed in the Armenian Genocide but now does not) now realize that the Ottoman Empire did everything in its power to make sure the innocent Armenians survived, they simply wanted to disrupt the ARF operations that took place within the civilian population (much like terrorist cells) in a quick fashion. Though it cost many Armenian lives, it also cost many Turkish lives as well, and the rebellion did indeed weaken. The Western Turkish-Armenians were never even touched, so how could it have been a genocide?

If the Turks just wanted Armenian money, why didn't they just take the money from the Armenians in Western Turkey who were wealthier?

If there was a genocide, why can't they find any mass Armenian graves in Syria?

Is it just possible that perhaps the Armenians that died in small numbers were because of Kurdish bandits and raiders robbing vulnerable travelers being migrated to Syria?

Is it possible that the Ottoman Empire simply wanted to stop a rebellion in war-time rather than a diabolical plan to kill all Armenians?

PBS has decided to air this documentary, but isn't PBS suppose to be fair, why is it that they never air pro-Turkish documentaries to be fair? Isn't censorship of one side of the story a way of propaganda? Write a letter to PBS if you believe it isn't fair.

We only get to the truth through debate and open uncensored discussion, not through documentaries alone.


Anonymous said...

So called "Armenian Genocide" is 100%

P olitical
B ull
S hit

Altan Demiray

Emin said...

I love how those Armenians are so hate filled and they try to threaten the lives of people who disagree with whatever they have to say and they start whining and bitching. It will be a win/win situation for us Turkish people if their hate keeps on increasing. I mean they know that they fear the facts. Why the heck do you think they bribed the French Parliament to make it a crime to disagree that 1915 consisted as a "Genocide." Because they are afraid of Turkish people speaking up. Everyone has the right to speak up, but Armenians just want to spread a hate campaign and they know it too. Who thought of the Midnight Express Movie? The Greek and Armenian communities worldwide. Why? Because Greeks and Armenians know they want to not only demonize Turkish people and make them look evil, but Greeks and Armenians want to kill all Turkish people and torture them in the most horrific ways. What ever happened to well known UCLA Professor Stanford Shaw? Armenian radicals killed him just because he logically proved that Armenians were guilty also of wrongdoings and he never gave into Armenian community bribes. Why do you think Armenians and Greeks today try so hard to pressure imperalist powers like the E.U. to set so many regulations on the Turkish Nation and People? Because Greeks and Armenians know that they want to destroy and humiliate the Turkish people. Why do you think Greeks want to destroy the TRNC? Because they want to finish off destroying the peaceful Turkish Cypriot race that they failed torturing in 1974. Why do you think Greeks are whining to have the E.U. to force Turkey to change the Ayasofya into an Orthodox Church? because the Greeks want to plan a conquest to capture Istanbul. I mean look what happened during the aftermath of the Mexican-American war, after the Mexicans lost land, they just moved on after that and never barked and whined to the USA ever again. But Greeks and Armenians cant just keep their mouths quiet. They just not only want to mooch money of the Turkish republic, they want to topple the Turkish republic and kill all Turkish people. Also, why in the world are all Armenians accusing Turkey of a genocide, when they slaughtered innocent Azerbaijanis in Nagorno Karabagh and now if the Azerbaijanis try to go back to their homes in NKR, they will get slaughtered, because this just proves that they do want democracy and want to persecute non-Armenians in Nagorno-Karabagh. I actually enjoy how this Greeks and Armenians are hating, i hope they start hating even more so they can make themselves look like retards.

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