Why Demoyan Kisses Me Now by Saying Ataturk Is A Hero ?

Why My Brother In Law Demoyan Kisses Me Now? This "Untold Story" has most likely remained untold for a reason... work out the dates, look at where Ataturk was at relevant times and his rank/position, and you can likely come up with the answer.

Or, just read the first few pages of Ataturk's Nutuk (Great Speech), even within the first few paragraphs, it tells you precisely what his position was with respect to Christian minorities in the Ottoman Empire who were agitating for the breakup of the Empire, ethnically cleansing Ottoman Muslims & Jews from their midst and setting up their own ethnically pure states in Anatolia. If you read further you will also learn Ataturk's views of Armenian activity in the southeastern Anatolian provinces AFTER WWI, and he does not talk about rescuing Armenians, but of rescuing Ottoman Turks from French armed marauding Armenians committing massacres and other atrocities.

Please let us all know when this Armenian genocide museum curator finally makes available to the public all these "unseen" documents AND explains why he has been hiding them from the public for so long. . .

Just want to share a bit more about Hayk Demoyan. This is the same Hayk Demoyan who has announced the following in a Guardian article just a few days before the article above:


Taken directly from the Guardian article above (and why am I not surprised that it is the liberal leftist Guardian doing its Turk bashing as always)
Historical documents proved Atatürk committed "war crimes" against Armenians and other groups in his drive to create an ethnically homogeneous Turkish state, Demoyan insisted. "Fear of rewriting history is the main fear of modern Turkey," said Demoyan, director of The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute in Yerevan, Armenia's capital.

"It is a fear of facing historical reality and causing a total collapse of the ideological axis that modern republican Turkey was formed around. Turks get panicked when you compare Atatürk's legacy to Lenin.

Atatürk was sentenced to death in absentia by a military judge to punish war crimes during the first world war. There are documents from non-Armenian sources listing him as a war criminal ."

Enough said.

So now this same Demoyan, a couple of days later, is coming up with an announcement that will suddenly make a Schindler out of this "war criminal"? He must have realized how unacceptable his prior defamation of Ataturk must have been to all Turks. But the new stuff sounds very Hollywoody wishy washy, warm and fuzzy to me...

So now the new game is making a saviour out of Ataturk - someone who helped the Armenian victims during their horrific ordeal of genocide. We're on it and we see the new chess move. Not too bright, but I gotta say it's original and unprecedented..

KEMAL ATATURK , father of modern Turkey, rescued hundreds of Armenian women and children from mass slaughter by Ottoman forces during and after the first world war. This untold story, which is sure to surprise many of today’s Turks, is one of many collected by the Armenian genocide museum in Yerevan that “will soon be brought to light on our website,” promises Hayk Demoyan, its director.

His project is one more example of shifting relations between Turkey and Armenia. On September 6th President Abdullah Gul became the first Turkish leader to visit Armenia when he attended a football match. Mr Gul’s decision to accept an invitation from Armenia’s president, Serzh Sarkisian, has raised expectations that Turkey may establish diplomatic ties and open the border it closed during the 1990s fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh. The two foreign ministers were planning to meet in New York this week. Armenia promises to recognise Turkey’s borders and to allow a commission of historians to investigate the fate of the Ottoman Armenians.

Reconciliation between Turkey and Armenia could tilt the balance of power in the Caucasus. Russia is Armenia’s closest regional ally. It has two bases and around 2,000 troops there. The war in Georgia has forced Armenia to rethink its position. Some 70% of its supplies flow through Georgia, and these were disrupted by Russian bombing. Peace with Turkey would give Armenia a new outside link. Some think Russia would be happy too. “It would allow Russia to marginalise and lean harder on Georgia,” argues Alexander Iskandaryan, director of the Caucasus Media Institute.

Mending fences with Armenia would bolster Turkey’s regional clout. And it might also help to kill a resolution proposed by the American Congress to call the slaughter of the Armenians in 1915 genocide. That makes the Armenian diaspora, which is campaigning for genocide recognition, unhappy. Some speak of a “Turkish trap” aimed at rewriting history to absolve Turkey of wrongdoing. Indeed, hawks in Turkey are pressing Armenia to drop all talk of genocide.

Even more ambitiously, the hawks want better ties with Armenia to be tied anew to progress over Nagorno-Karabakh. But at least Mr Gul seems determined to press ahead. “If we allow the dynamics that were set in motion by the Yerevan match to slip away, we may have to wait another 15-20 years for a similar chance to arise,” he has said.

-Demoyan INSISTED that Ataturk wanted to create a homogeneous Turkish state? Homogeneous in what respect?

Does Demoyan even know who the people living in Anatolia are? Clearly Demoyan knows nothing about the people who fought the war of independence after WWI to form the Republic of Turkey.

The only homogeneity Ataturk sought was with respect to language and that is why Ottoman Armenians living in Istanbul who never supported the Dashnaks became a part of Ataturk's nationalist forces.

Sounds like Demoyan is confusing Turks for Dashnaks. It's the Dashnaks that wanted an ethnically pure state and that ethnically cleansed Turks out the lands that became Soviet Armenia. Just more typical flagrantly false information out of genocide propogandists. Add it to the lengthy and ever increasing list of forged documents and falsehoods.



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