Armenia Must Stop Aggression and Defamation Prior To Any Reconciliation

The frequency of whispers recently about some covert reconciliation efforts allegedly taking place between Turkey and Armenia seem to defy realities on the ground. Those who are involved in these “secret” talks must know one thing very clear:

As long as those…

- baseless Armenian claims of genocide are maliciously continued to be presented to the world as incontrovertible facts by the “A.F.A.T.H. camp”; [1]

- bogus allegations of genocide deceptively compared to court-tested-and-proven fact of Jewish Holocaust; [2]

- countless armed Armenian revolts, acts of treason and terrorism from 1882 to 1915 and beyond, causing heretofore untold Turkish suffering and losses, are ignored;

- territorial demands by the Armenian nationalists before WWI and Armenia today are dismissed;

- Tereset order of 1915 is deliberately misrepresented as one sided genocide; [3]

- current Armenian aggression and military occupation in Karabagh and Western Azerbaijan (since 1992) are not terminated;

- about a million exiled Azeris who are having to spend their 16th scorching summer in their tents with little food or medicine in those “forgotten refugee camps” are not allowed to return to their homes, which they were forced by Armenian thugs to leave at gunpoint ;
I don’t see how any…

- person can mention the word reconciliation, let alone achieve it;

- political party or government, whether in Turkey or Azerbaijan, can still enjoy wide public support at home, even if they achieve some kind of bizarre, unjust peace with an antagonistic, belligerent, hateful, corrupt, and terrorist Armenia.
I have lived in Southern California long enough to see how incredibly hateful most Diaspora Armenians truly are.

I have witnessed how Armenian terrorism, intimidation, and sheer political pressure—not a verdict by a competent tribunal or some new information unearthed by non-partisan historians—changed attitudes at major newspapers, from the good old days of referring to “alleged” genocide to nowadays’ timid and self-serving conclusion of genocide.

I noted how the same was repeated in international scene, by nagging Armenian pressure—not by historical facts—causing political resolutions to be passed here and there, based on a racist and dishonest version of history spread by the AFATH community.

Those who might be inclined to think that Turkey or Azerbaijan might succumb to such Armenian-triggered foreign pressure, need to refresh their knowledge of history, and perhaps, geography. While at it, they might also do well to take a look at the emerging global energy traffic and the transportation revolution gradually taking shape by the completion of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway (wisely skirting the belligerent Armenia) and Marmaray,(underwater tube passage near Istanbul), thus connecting London to Shanghai, Europe to China, Atlantic to Pacific, via rail over the neo-Silk Route. Future is extremely bright in that part of the world, not even darkened by the evil deeds of the blood-thirsty Armenia.

Frustrated by the persistently biased coverage of the Turkish-Armenian civil war during WWI and the ensuing censorship of Turkish views in American media, I have coined a new term back in 2003—my humble gift to the English language and a thoughtful and long overdue reaction to Rafael Lemkin’s genocide: “ethocide”.

A brief definition of ethocide is “extermination of ethics by systematic and malicious mass-deception in return for political, economical, social, religious, and other favors and benefits.”

I provided the tool for our children who will be able to refute the baseless Armenian allegations in future by simply saying the civil war that had been raging up to 1915 and the Tereset it resulted in was not genocide, but what the Armenians and their sympathizers did in misrepresenting it eversince is clearly ethocide.

Or simply: “Ethocide, Not Genocide.”


[1] A.F.A.T.H. : Armenian-falsifiers and Turk-haters

[2] Comparing a bogus genocide to a bonafide Holocaust is a deceiving, deliberately conducted by the prominent members of the AFATH community, to establish “credibility by association”. The rationale behind this heinous move is the expectation that unsuspecting masses will believe the “alleged Armenian genocide” subconsciously once they hear those lies uttered in the same breath with the undisputed fact of Jewish Holocaust, a verdict by a competent tribunal (Nuremberg) after lengthy, fair, and thorough due process.

[3] Tereset : Temporary Resettlement (coined by this author) order of 1915 which refers to “Council of Ministers Decrees, Prime Ministry's Archives, Istanbul, Vol. 198, Decree 1331/163, 30 May 1915”

Ergün Kırlıkovalı


Dussardier said...

« countless armed Armenian revolts, acts of treason and terrorism from 1882 to 1915 »
The first Armenian revolt, who launched the general movement, was in 1862, not in 1882.

« The Zeitun Rebellion of 1862 became the first of a series of insurrections in Turkish Armenia against the Ottoman regime which were inspired by revolutionary ideas that had swept the Armenian world.The Zeitunli insurgents had had direct contacts with certain Armenian intellectuals in Constantinople... These intellectuals were members of an organization called Benevolent Union... A letter, partly written in cipher, dated May 14/28, 1862, from the Benevolent Union member Serobe Tagvorian in Constantinople, to Mikael Nalbandian in St. Petersburg indicates that there were revolutionaries in the Turkish capital who had direct contacts with the Zeitun insurgents... Tagvorian's letter indicates that preparations for the Zeitun Rebellion (August, 1862) were probably begun as early as May, 1862. »
Louise Nalbandian, « The Armenian Revolutionary Movement », Berkeley/Los Angeles, University of California Press, 1963, pp. 71-73.

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